FCCI Offers Training Tools, Customized Insurance Solutions and More through Manufacturers Premier Program

This article appeared in the March/April 2023 issue of MiMfg Magazine. Read the full issue and find past issues online.

Protecting your business in the event of fire, theft and property damage through a proper insurance carrier is essential. But it’s only a reactive measure. Being proactive is the key to reducing liability claims, cybertheft and property theft or damage.

To provide manufacturers with additional tools and solutions, insurance provider FCCI Insurance Group has partnered with MMA to offer a Manufacturers Premier Program. The program features a group dividend plan that can benefit eligible members who participate, as well as custom risk control services, local claim support, property protection, general liability protection and broad coverage designed to meet manufacturers’ needs.

Like the MMA, FCCI Insurance Group is dedicated to providing the necessary products and services to cover the unique needs of members, ensuring you receive the insurance coverages you need and the protection you require. Learn more in Member Benefits.

“Insurance companies, in general, don’t always support association businesses, but we look at it differently,” says Greg Kramer, Senior Regional Vice President for FCCI Insurance Group’s Midwest Region. “We think a partnership with associations enables us to have greater opportunity for success all around. Through MMA, we’re able to work together to bring programs and services to manufacturers in Michigan.”

Kramer says MMA’s advocacy and voice helps ensure that Michigan remains a pro- manufacturing state, which is why they created this program together with MMA.

Taking proactive measures to mitigate risks can help protect manufacturing businesses, workers and guests long before any accidents or tragedies occur. When it comes to insurance and risk control, customized solutions can help manufacturers prepare for the unexpected without paying for unnecessary coverages.

The Manufacturers Premier Program includes customized risk assessment and improvement plans as well as job site and facility surveys.

Business owners and managers may have many questions about the types of insurance coverages they need and how to protect their businesses against litigation, which is one reason why FCCI Insurance Group strives to build relationships in local communities. FCCI Insurance Group team members experienced in risk control, claims and underwriting can provide specific services for manufacturers, and local trainers and claims adjusters can assist businesses on site.

Independent insurance agents and community members who have a relationship with the insurance provider can feel confident that they can get their questions answered and receive the assistance they need.

“FCCI is very engaged and active in the manufacturing community,” Kramer says. “We participate in different manufacturing networking events throughout the year. As active sponsors and supporters of the manufacturing industry in the state of Michigan, we’re not just putting a program together; we’re really invested.”

Planning for the unexpected by understanding options and risks can help manufacturing businesses overcome challenges that may come their way. Having a support system and resources can help ensure that businesses have help available when they need it.

Learn more about the FCCI Manufacturers Premier Program.