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Kayla JacksonWorking with Chatfield Global LLC has made it easier for us to filter through applicants in the hiring process. It is easily navigated, easy to manage multi job postings at once, and we can gear the questions to the intended job itself, which is extremely helpful in our industry. Using Chatfield Global has made our hiring process so much more convenient and less time consuming.”

— Kayla Jackson, Administrative Assistant, Bristol Steel, Davison

MMA has partnered with Chatfield Global LLC to help members find the talent you need in a competitive labor market.

Adding to the list of value-added benefits you can already access as an MMA member, MMA Hiring Solutions helps you easily market your job openings and collect resumes all in the single dashboard offered by the Prevue APS Pro Applicant Tracking System. MMA members enjoy an exclusive discount on this system, which offers:

  • A custom branded career site that integrates seamlessly with your website
  • A simple and intuitive application process, helping to reduce candidate abandonment
  • A single dashboard where you’ll find job
    applicants, screening question answers,
    pre-employment test scores and much more
  • Robust screening features that help reduce
    time to hire
  • Ability to simultaneously post your jobs to hundreds of the top free and paid job boards around the world
  • Unlimited job postings and unlimited logins
  • Prevue offers automatic screening of applicants based on company settings

Navigating Modern Workforce Development Trends in Manufacturing 

From expedited hiring processes to virtual interviews and transparent pay practices, manufacturers are embracing innovative approaches to meet the evolving needs of the workforce. Read about modern workforce development trends from Chatfield to position your company for success in an increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace.

As a growing woman-owned business of over 26 years, Chatfield delivers customized practical solutions utilizing a network of seasoned professionals with experience and insight to strengthen performance for the manufacturing workforce. Chatfield consultants have deep expertise across human resources including talent acquisition, leadership development, training and change management.

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