House Committee Passes Right-to-Work Repeal

The House Labor Committee has voted to repeal Michigan’s Right to Work law, largely on a party line vote, with Representative Mike Mueller (R-Linden) abstaining. 

Despite being present and prepared to deliver testimony on behalf of Michigan’s manufacturing sector, MMA was not recognized to speak at the 90-minute committee hearing. At the conclusion of the hearing, the panel moved forward to pass this far-reaching legislation that makes Michigan less competitive and weakens our economy for businesses and families alike without a full understanding of how it will impact the largest sector of our economy.

MMA is fighting to retain the core of the state’s economy by ensuring that we’re competitively positioned to attract and maintain manufacturing capital investment and talent. Please join us in this fight by making your voice heard to state representatives who are planning to advance this legislation this afternoon.

There is still time to act! MMA’s Action Center makes it easy for you to contact your elected representatives and let them know how this legislation will impact your business.

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