Hyper-Pure Polysilicon - Hemlock Semiconductor Operations - 2020 “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan”

Though many may be unfamiliar with hyper-pure polysilicon, it is indispensable in modern life, enabling the production of high-tech electronics and solar energy. In fact, most, if not all, of the devices streaming the virtual MFG Excellence Awards in which the crucial material was named the “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan,” likely contained the hyper-pure polysilicon manufactured by Hemlock Semiconductor Operations right here in Michigan. Hemlock is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polysilicon and the company’s efficient manufacturing process delivers products with an ultra-low carbon footprint.

“We are a big player with a pretty substantial market share,” says Phil Dembowski, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer for Hemlock. “So, there is a statistical certainty that just about every device used to watch the event contained Hemlock’s polysilicon.”

Accepting the award for Hemlock was Brooke Beebe, Vice President of Government and Public Affairs, and she echoed those comments. She said the virtual event is an exemplification of Hemlock’s ultimate mission to connect and energize the world.

“This is such an honor!” said Beebe. “I’m most honored to be representing such an amazing team.”

Less than 24 hours after the announcement, Dembowski was still elated about the award.

“It was fantastic,” says Dembowski. “We’re delighted to be chosen as Michigan’s ‘Coolest Thing’ manufacturer. It’s exciting that we were recognized for that, and we have a great team here at Hemlock who work very hard at what we do.”

Hemlock is one of the largest employers in mid-Michigan, making considerable contributions to the surrounding community and their product is present in most households – though many will not realize it. Polysilicon is the building block for all manufactured electronic devices, such as computers, smartphones and AI. Not only is Hemlock responsible for critical energy infrastructure now but they consider their work to be on the cutting edge of emerging technologies for a sustainable future.

“(Most people) don’t know how important polysilicon is from a connect standpoint and from an energy standpoint,” says Dembowski. “In the United States, solar energy was about 50 percent of all new energy installation. And Michigan is the central location for the product that is needed for solar. We’re like the little gem in the state that nobody knows about.”

Dembowski says that the announcement of the award comes at an opportune time for the company, as they work to highlight their product and how important polysilicon is to the future.

“We’ve been out there a little more in terms of educating the public about how important this product is,” says Dembowski. “People need to be aware of that and should be proud this comes from Michigan.”