Industry Member Spotlight: Lomar Machine & Tool Company

Big things were on the horizon in the little village of North Adams in 1976, when James Geisman established Lomar Machine & Tool Company in a 3,000-square-foot facility. So big, in fact, that it wasn’t long before Geisman found a former screw machine shop in nearby Horton to accommodate his initial success and expansion.

Geisman founded the company with the idea of being truly dedicated to their customers’ needs and challenges. And thanks to his positivity and ability to connect with people, Lomar has experienced tremendous growth since those early years. Today, with over 120 employees, Lomar has six facilities in Michigan that include more than 162,000-square-feet of manufacturing and office space used to manufacture a diverse line of products.

How I Got Where I Am Today

“Having the determination and ability to endure the good times and the bad times.”

How My Company Innovates

“Rely on people and their ideas — both customers’ challenges and employees’ ideas.”

Lomar is a manufacturer’s manufacturer. That is to say, they make equipment for other manufacturers. For instance, if you look under the hood of your car, it’s not likely that you will see anything that was made by Lomar. But what you will see, Geisman says, is “a lot of hoses. Lomar makes the equipment that helps those hoses fit and stay attached. We design and build custom systems for assembly, testing and joining for innovative customers across multiple industries.”

Those industries include automotive, aerospace, agriculture, appliance, food, furniture, HVAC, medical, military and more. They also have an engineering department that works with customers to meet their needs.

Best Part of My Job?

“Seeing the company go from first generation to the next generation successfully.”

Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

“Strive to be debt free and avoid over extending yourself”

“When a customer comes to us with an application they have, we create the concept, then quote the project for approval before we begin to build,” Geisman says.

Additional products and services include hydraulic systems and reservoirs, industrial racks, pinions and gears, machining and fabrication services, prototype work, private label manufacturing, technical support and repair services.

With his many years of experience in the Michigan manufacturing industry, Geisman has seen one challenge that has been the key for success for everyone: finding great people. And getting them in positions that provide good experience to help them move forward. From machine operators to engineering, bridging the gap from computer systems to mechanical systems is a skill set everyone now needs.

If I Weren’t Doing This, I’d Be...

“Woodworking has been a long standing hobby!”

My Next Goal

“Successful transition from the second generation to the third generation.

“We’ve always had the most success with finding motivated young people and training them. Everything is computer operated now,” says Geisman. “We need individuals who can program the machines. We have quite a few people in apprenticeship programs.”

Geisman is excited about one of Lomar’s latest private label manufacturing collaborations, More Golf. Founded by ultra-premium golf equipment designer, Bruce Sizemore, More Golf is releasing their first Mod-1 collection of clubs in Spring of 2021. Manufactured by Lomar, they are the only 100 percent billet-milled golf club to be manufactured in the United States. And they are designed and milled right here in Michigan.

Lomar Machine & Tool Company has been an MMA member company since July 1992. Visit online: