Industry Member Spotlight: Magline, Inc.

This article appeared in the May/June 2023 issue of MiMfg Magazine. Read the full issue and find past issues online.

When it comes to well-known brands and companies, Magline, Inc. is the one people think of when they need to manually move loads safely and efficiently.

Based in Standish, Magline celebrated its 75th anniversary in August 2022. The company designs, engineers and manufactures light-weight aluminum equipment that is primarily used for the distribution of consumer products, food and beverages. Magline is most well-known for its hand trucks, known by the name “Magliner,” but the business also develops lifting equipment, motorized equipment and truck ramps. The hand trucks are ideal for the movement of loads that are 500 pounds or less.

Paul Adler, Director of Marketing, attributes the company’s success to the quality of its materials, its durable designs and Magline’s reputation.

“It’s a legacy of quality and innovation, as well as solving problems for our customers. That’s really what drives us,” he says.

Because Magline’s products are lightweight, they’re easier and safer for users to maneuver, Adler says. Additionally, the products are modular. Nothing on their flagship products is welded. Instead, pieces can be removed and changed if necessary.

“We have people who have had our products for 30, 40, 50 years, and they can still get replacement parts for them,” Adler says.

In addition to being lighter than steel, aluminum does not rust, he says.

“You’ll see them on the back of delivery trucks all over the country,” Adler says of the hand trucks. “They’re not going to rust if they’re exposed to the elements.”

All of this contributes to a safer, longer-lasting solution and a higher return on investment, he says.

In addition to assisting those in the consumer products and food and beverage industries, Magline’s products have numerous uses.

“We can support rental companies that are renting large tents or inflatables. We offer solutions for manufacturing companies. We can support vending companies and convenience stores for stocking needs. We can support the home delivery space, such as moving washing machines and furniture, as well as plumbers and contractors,” Adler says. “We serve all types of businesses. We have a very recognizable brand. People know that signature red stripe on the sides of the trucks.”

Adler says that one of the foundational principles of their company is to solve problems that customers may have.

“We have our own design and engineering team. We can develop solutions to meet specific customer needs, then take the products to market to help others,” he says.

While Magline is known for its two- and four-wheel hand trucks, Adler says they continue to innovate by developing new products, such as motorized solutions.

Magline sells primarily through a global dealer network direct sales, Magline Fleet Services and through catalog partners such as Granger, Uline, Global Industrial and Amazon.

With high-quality products and a focus on solving customers’ problems, it’s easy to see why Magline has been in business for 75 years!

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