Industry Member Spotlight: Storch Products Inc.

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Livonia-based Storch Products Inc. was founded in 1952 a s a family owned enterprise specializing in leak detection fluids and home heating furnaces. Founder Edward A. Storch was always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow the business, which led to acquiring a company that made magnetic base drills.

Fast forward more than 70 years later, Storch has become a worldwide industry leader in magnetic technologies serving a variety of markets. For four generations, the Storch’s have owned the business. Current President Matt Carr started in a sales role at Storch over 14 years ago and eventually was named the first non-family President in 2018.

Carr led the sales effort when the company experienced consecutive years of million-dollar growth from 2010 to 2015. Then they “hit a wall,” losing a significant customer.

One Skill Everyone Should Have

In the manufacturing industry, confidence not only empowers individuals to take on challenges but also fosters an environment of innovation and problem-solving. Additionally, welding is a valuable technical skill that can open doors to various career opportunities within the manufacturing sector.

The Best Advice I Ever Got

To always do the right thing, even when no one is looking. This advice has become a fundamental principle in my leadership approach, and it emphasizes the importance of ethics, integrity and accountability in both personal and professional actions.

“We had a group in here working on New Year’s Eve trying to close the year out so we could beat the previous one and the system just kind of collapsed,” says Carr.

That experience led Carr and his team to seek out a sustainable foundation to grow the business for many years to come. When Carr came across a book titled What the Heck is EOS by business expert Gino Wickman, he recognized that this may very well be the solution.

EOS®, or Entrepreneurial Operating System, inspired the company’s evolution by laying a groundwork of processes and accountability at all levels.

“As a leader, I learned the importance of stepping back and allowing our talented staff to grow and thrive on their own,” says Carr. “By empowering them through the implementation of EOS, our team started taking ownership and making remarkable progress without constantly seeking my approval.”

Around the same time, Carr began his own journey of spiritual growth which paralleled Storch’s transformation.

Best Part of My Job

The opportunity to witness others achieve their own goals. While building projects and product innovation have always been a passion, seeing our team members and employees grow professionally and personally has been a true blessing and a new-found passion for me. Being able to mentor and support our team’s development is incredibly rewarding.

My Next Goal

To bridge the gap between traditional K-12 schools and employers in the manufacturing sector. I aim to establish partnerships and programs that enable young talent to gain relevant skills and experience, ensuring a seamless transition from education to fulfilling manufacturing careers. Empowering the next generation of manufacturing professionals is essential for the industry’s growth and sustainability.

“Embracing a more spiritual acceptance and letting go of the need for complete control led to a profound change in our company’s dynamics,” he says.

A key driver in Storch’s business approach is continual innovation, or as Carr states: “Innovation is survival.”

“Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Storch, and a big part of my personal beliefs,” he says. “We need to either grow or die.”

Their forward-thinking approach has led to recent touchstone moments in the company’s history. In 2020, Carr and his team developed a portable air filter housing that acts like a “mask for your building,” measurably improving air quality. The AIROTRUST™ product can be attached magnetically into any 2 foot by 2 foot ceiling tile, making it ideal for office buildings.

Storch also developed game-changing technology with their Supermag product. The Supermag is a highly powerful magnet that can be mounted on the front or back of a wide variety of commercial vehicles. It’s used for picking up dangerous debris like nails and scrap metal.

Thanks to a commitment to innovation and an openness to change, Storch’s transformation has positioned the company for a bright and sustainable future. And Carr’s personal growth as a more spiritual leader has made him confident in their direction.

“This shift in leadership approach has unleashed innovation and fostered a more proactive and efficient workforce. It’s gratifying to witness the positive impact of these changes on the company’s success and growth,” Carr concludes.

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