Loss Control Solutions for MMA Members

This article appeared in the July/August 2022 issue of MiMfg Magazine. Read the full issue and find past issues online.

For nearly 50 years, the Manufacturing Technology Mutual Insurance Company (MTMIC) has specialized in providing loss control solutions to their clients. Having a trusted and experienced partner helps create a healthy and safe workplace for all employees. And the news gets even better for MMA members who are able to take advantage of a 3 percent discount on insurance premiums through MTMIC.

For Madison Heights-based Barnes Industries, Inc., their long- time partnership with MMA and MTMIC has played a vital role in workplace safety and has helped the business save over $100,000 in potential MIOSHA fines. Barnes has been a leader in the ball screw service industry since the company’s founding in 1969. They recondition and manufacture new ball screws with a warranty for all products and services.

John Opris, Safety Manager at Barnes Industries, credits their relationship with MTMIC and Loss Control Consultant Travis Halsted for keeping a clean record with MIOSHA and maintaining a safe work environment.

“Much of what I have learned and implemented regarding safety and best work practices is due to Travis Halsted of MTMIC’s loss control,” says Opris. “I know that through Travis’ diligence, we have maintained a healthy and safe working environment and prevented potential injuries.”

For Halsted’s part, establishing a high level of trust is critical to the process.

“While a great deal of our visits are centered around inspections, we truly aim to nurture a relationship between management commitment and an employee-led safety culture,” says Halsted. “Barnes Industries is a prime example of how management, employees and MTMIC can work together to identify hazards, manage risks and provide the safest workplace possible.”

Halsted credits Barnes’ high standard for employee safety to Opris’ dedication.

“Mr. Opris’s dedication to the health and safety of Barnes’ employees is something that I’m proud to be part of,” says Halsted. “Whether during our inspections, accident investigations or assisting policyholders with MIOSHA visits, the MTMIC loss control team sincerely cares about the companies that we insure and the people within those walls.”

As they say, knowledge is power, and education plays a vital role in safety. MTMIC has a wealth of loss-control information and shares that valuable content to policyholders through its magazine and website. The magazine is distributed monthly and articles appear on their blog, blog. Members also have access to 700-plus training videos on the 24/7 online portal.

Being a “mutual” insurance company, MTMIC is owned entirely by the policyholders and policyholders will receive a dividend return at the end of each year if a surplus is declared by the Board of Directors.

In February, MTMIC declared a $4 million dividend return to policyholders for 2022, and overall they have returned $5.7 million to MMA members since the MFG Works Partners program was launched in mid-2018.

When it comes to something as important as workplace safety, it’s vital to have an experienced and trusted partner. With MTMIC, MMA Members get an up-front discount on insurance premiums, an annual dividend return program and one-on-one consultation for loss control. It’s a win-win-win!

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