Manufacturers Support Pathways to CTE Legislation

MMA has worked closely with House leadership and the Snyder Administration to better connect employers with young talent and this legislation will develop a strong and diverse talent system and prepare students for career success.

House Bills 5139-5142 and House Bill 5145 would:

  • Create a model program as part of the core instruction that delivers age-appropriate career exploration and engagement with local employers from kindergarten through graduation
  • Allow proprietary schools, skilled trade employers and community colleges to have access to pupil directory information for the purposes of marketing educational and career opportunities
  • Provide schools the opportunity to hire a non-certificated, non-endorsed instructor for a CTE program if the person has achieved private sector expertise in the subject matter or field of the program
  • Ensure that educators who spend time learning about private sector practices with local employers will be able to apply that time as credit toward required continuing education and professional development

“The talent gap is a clear barrier to growth in Michigan and solutions to these challenges will create opportunities for our next generation to prosper right here in Michigan,” said Delaney McKinley, MMA senior director of government affairs and membership. “To provide students with increased educational options, our Association supports policies that will promote career awareness and strengthen state CTE programs.”

This article was originally published in the 12/11/17 issue of MMA’s MFG Voice.

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