MMA and MCC Announce Formal Partnership

MMA is pleased to announce a formal relationship with the Michigan Chemistry Council (MCC) through which the MCC will remain an independent organization with an autonomous chemistry policy agenda while leveraging MMA’s capacities for advocacy, programming and staff support. This affiliation will further strengthen the MMA’s role as the only statewide association solely focused on the manufacturing industry.

Our formal relationship with the MCC has evolved after years of cooperative engagement on numerous issues to the point that an affiliation made great sense for both organizations and their members. With their focus and our capacity, the MCC and the MMA can continue their effort to improve the manufacturing environment in Michigan.

This a brand new day of opportunity for both MMA and MCC as we are two strong organizations with long histories of success and, together, we can build upon Michigan’s manufacturing legacy.

In addition, we are delighted to announce that Sara Cambensy has been named the new MCC Executive Director. Sara served in the Michigan House of Representatives (Marquette) through December 2022. Prior to her election to the State Legislature, she served on the Marquette City Commission, Marquette Planning Commission and as the director of adult and continuing education for Marquette Community Schools, in addition to other roles.

“I am very excited about this opportunity to bring even greater attention to the chemical manufacturing sector in Michigan,” said MCC Executive Director Sara Cambensy. “Chemical manufacturers are a critical component to almost every aspect of manufacturing, so joining forces with MMA will elevate our sector and strengthen our advocacy efforts.” 

The MCC will operate from the MMA Headquarters in downtown Lansing. Together the MMA and MCC will amplify our impact and serve as a unifying champion of an industry that is in constant evolution and growth at the Capitol and statewide.

If you have any questions about our partnership, please contact MMA’s Mike Johnston, at 517-487-8554 or, or MCC’s Sara Cambensy, at 517-487-8557 or


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