MMA Hiring Solutions Platform Streamlines Hiring Process

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Through MMA’s partnership with Chatfield Global, members have access to an employment dashboard that can simplify and optimize hiring processes, helping businesses easily identify talent that is suitable for open positions in their companies.

Chatfield Global is a woman-owned consulting firm that provides a wide array of human resources, talent management and organization development solutions, from the highly strategic to daily operational execution. Chatfield Global’s broad breadth of capabilities touch every aspect of HR, including recruitment, training and development, succession planning, workforce planning, change management leadership and HR staff augmentation for mergers, acquisitions and systems implementations. Since its founding in 1994, Chatfield’s consultants have helped transform hundreds of large and small organizations in both the commercial and not-for-profit sectors.

Through their partnership with MMA, Chatfield offers a discount on their custom hiring solutions software to MMA members. MMA Hiring Solutions Powered by Chatfield Global integrates with the MMA member’s website and can lead to better hiring practices and streamline talent recruitment processes.

MMA Hiring Solutions, Powered by Chatfield Global, provides:
  • A simple and intuitive application process, helping to reduce candidate abandonment
  • Robust, automatic screening features that help reduce time to hire
  • Ability to simultaneously post your jobs to dozens of the top free and paid job boards around the world
  • Unlimited job postings and user logins

Unlike other job boards, Chatfield Global’s solutions are personalized for each business. Chatfield’s professionals customize a webpage to match a client’s brand and then coordinate with the client’s IT contact to embed the solution within that client’s website.

The tool allows client businesses to post jobs available at their own companies, and applicants can easily apply through the platform. Administrators from each client business can view applications, create automation to vet candidates’ compatibility with a job opening, ask the same pertinent questions to each applicant to ensure fairness, prioritize potential interviewees and send personalized e-mails to candidates through the system. Users also can create a pool of former job applicants that they can easily invite to apply for new job openings.

“The system expedites decision- making by helping you grade, classify and sort candidates. It helps you focus on most-likely candidates,” says Marcy Brajkovic, President of Chatfield Global LLC. “It’s an integrated, seamless experience from the company’s perspective and has more marketing potential on the front end to attract candidates to the site.”

Jody Contreras, Director of Client Services, notes that the system features automation that sends job postings to numerous other job sites, such as Indeed and Monster as well as niche sites based on specific industries.

“The jobs MMA members post on their custom-branded career page go out to 15 or 20 job boards automatically, but all the applications come in through the same portal, which adds a layer of convenience, reduces posting fees to multiple sites and frees up our clients’ time,” Contreras says.

The system also includes reporting, such as for Equal Employment Opportunity data, and analytics that help businesses determine what they are doing right and what could be improved.

By paying a yearly licensing fee, businesses can post as many open jobs as they desire, which can help optimize accounting processes and budgets. A tiered pricing model logically reflects that smaller companies do less hiring, allowing annual pricing to start around $2,500. The pricing and discount available to MMA members varies depending on each business’s size, needs and other factors.

As a growing, woman-owned business of nearly 30 years, Chatfield delivers customized practical solutions utilizing a network of seasoned professionals with experience and insight to strengthen performance for the manufacturing workforce.

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