MMA Solutions for Success: Dale Carnegie Training Offered by Ralph Nichols Group

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Over the last century, more than nine million people around the world completed the Dale Carnegie Course for Professional Development, including such names as Lee Iacocca, Tom Monaghan, Johnny Cash and multi-billionaire Warren Buffett, who has publicly credited the course for helping him overcome his fear of public speaking.

This valuable tool has helped shape countless business leaders and MMA members can access discounted training through “Dale Carnegie Training Offered by Ralph Nichols Group.” Dale Carnegie is ISO 9001 certified, providing manufacturing teams with the greatest quality leadership training in the world, says CEO and Owner Phil Zeller.

“We develop the positive behaviors in people to provide results for themselves, for others and their organization — positive leadership behaviors such as self-confidence, people skills, communication skills and the ability to manage worry, stress and anxiety while maintaining a positive attitude,” Zeller adds.

One associate who works at Marshall-based Marshall Excelsior Company (MEC) may attest to that. Apprehensive about public speaking, she was initially hesitant to go through with the training but was encouraged by the instructor, company leadership and the rest of her class.

By the end, the associate was thrilled she participated, according to Jacquelyn Murray, MEC’s Director of Human Resources.

“Before the end of the course, she was speaking in front of every- body, and she was very happy that she stuck with it,” Murray says, adding that approximately 40 MEC employees have participated in the training.

The course, however, is about more than public speaking. It also helps students identify areas where they can make a positive impact with other people and recognize how they can enhance their own communication and leadership skills, she says. The course helped the MEC employees build confidence and reinforced the fact that their opinions matter. The result is a stronger and more collaborative environment where people are more likely to share ideas, Murray says.

What differentiates Dale Carnegie is that they “coach” rather than only teach. In fact, Dale Carnegie pioneered the self-help movement, and he did it based on an immense amount of research and one-on-one conversations with countless individuals. Carnegie then documented it all.

“Everything we do at Dale Carnegie is rooted in common sense,” Zeller says. “We do not teach theoretical information.”

Zeller explains that students who attend the course will be introduced to three leadership concepts, presented progressively: leading yourself, leading others to produce shared results and developing other leaders.

“The first level is all about you,” he says. “The second level is about going from ‘me’ to ‘we.’ At the third level, you’re already a leader; now you need to develop other ones.”

Courses last eight to 12 sessions and students meet for a few hours weekly either in person or online, all depending on their preferences.

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