MMA-Supported Term Limit Reform Proposal Headed to November Ballot

Following a recent vote by the MMA Board of Directors to support changes to Michigan’s legislative term limit law proposed by Voters for Transparency and Term Limits, the Legislature today passed House Joint Resolution R, which places the proposed constitutional amendment to reform Michigan’s term limits on the November 2022 ballot.

Current law constrains policymakers to six years in the House of Representatives and eight years in the Senate. The new proposal would expand the maximum legislative term of office to 12 years total in either chamber. The proposal also imposes financial transparency requirements on legislators.

The proposal would maintain the state’s limit on lawmaker tenure but modify the allowable length of service to enable elected officials to build greater experience and increase their effectiveness.

MMA commends the Legislature for its action to foster greater experience and knowledge among policymakers, which will benefit the state through longer vision and implementation. To attract jobs and economic growth, a strong business climate requires predictable and steady policy. MMA believes that the changes in this proposal will increase proficiency and stability while maintaining the very concept of term limits to avoid “lifetime” elected officials.

For more information about the impact of this proposed constitutional amendment on manufacturing jobs and investment in Michigan, contact Mike Johnston, MMA Vice President of Government Affairs, at or 517-487-8554.