Positive First Impression for Your Facility

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Think about the first impression a visitor has when they enter your facility.

  1. Are they greeted by a receptionist?
  2. Do they enter an unattended lobby with a confusing phone system they have to navigate to alert someone about their arrival?
  3. Still using pen and paper to sign in? or an iPad that only tells you a guest has arrived?

Did you say yes to any of the above?

Automating your entrance with a digital visitor management system is the best way to ensure a positive first impression and show guests that your safety and security standards are paramount.

Increased Safety

With an advanced automated entrance system, customers feel welcome as soon as they step foot into your facility, and safeguards are in place to keep the visitors and employees protected. Unexpected visitors and unwanted guests can be turned away without putting your employees in harm’s way.

Automated Monitoring

Using an automated reception system is like having a combined receptionist and security guard who works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Meanwhile, your employees get to focus on what they were hired to do without interruption, improving efficiency. Invest in a system that can do more than just check people in. Find a system that can also let you process contractor permits and streamline the permit process; allowing your employees to shift their focus to other issues than filing paperwork.

Visitor and Contractor Compliance

When was the last time your facility had a fire drill? Was everyone accounted for? Does that include any visitors or contractors who may have been in the facility? Did anyone grab the visitor log?

With contractors and visitors coming in and out, it can be difficult to monitor who is in your facility at any given moment. If your facility has an emergency, it’s critical to be able to account for everyone in the building. Don’t rely on your visitor log clipboard that can be easily destroyed. Emergency roll calls should account for all in the event of an incident.

Staff Records

Choose a system that will help monitor employee certifications and records — such as first aid, CPR, and OSHA certifications — to keep your facility in compliance and improve safety and emergency preparedness.

Compliance and Reporting

Automating your facility helps you quickly comply with regulatory requirements related to visitor data. Health and safety acknowledgements, contractor permits, compliance documentation, and other information can all be recorded in an auditable format that’s ready to access any time you need it.

Utilizing an automated staff and visitor management system will help you protect your employees, safeguard your facility, and ensure that anyone who enters acknowledges your policies and complies with your safety procedures where visibility, compliance and control are key.

About the Author

Dan DoerrDan Doerr is with Lansing-based Sinica. He enjoys helping facilities increase safety and compliance. He may be reached at

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