Premium Associate Member Spotlight: AKT Peerless

This article appeared in the September 2019 issue of MiMfg Magazine. Read the full issue and find past issues online.

Moving into a brand-new manufacturing facility is a celebratory moment for a business. Whether it’s moving out of a basement or garage and into your first building or when your growth requires a larger facility or an additional building, purchasing new property is seen as an indicator of company success. While selecting the right property can boost you up, the wrong choice can result in lasting, detrimental damage to your brand’s potential.

That’s why environmental consultants like AKT Peerless provide necessary services for small and mid-sized manufacturers.

“We help businesses from start to finish with their due diligence needs — whether it’s property acquisition, decommissioning an existing property or keeping them informed of the environmental and safety-related issues that can pop up during the lifespan of a business,” explains Megan Napier, a senior engineer and AKT Peerless’ regional business manager for southeast Michigan.

When it comes to new property purchases, liability concerns at the federal, state and local level can strike fear into the hearts of even the most well-prepared employers.

“There are plenty of liability protections in place to help manufacturers build their business without the worry that they’ll be held liable for a piece of land they purchased,” said Napier. “At AKT, our clients benefit from a team who is in touch daily with the regulatory community, including EGLE (Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy), the former Michigan DEQ.”

A major threat facing manufacturers is the quick regulatory changes that impact their business. As Napier insists, it can be “a constant challenge to figure out where regulatory goalposts sit because where they were yesterday may not be where they are tomorrow.”

Working alongside environmental compliance consultants can help manufacturers reach those goalposts, stay informed of when regulatory changes occur, and ensure they are operating their facilities in a way that protects their workers and visitors. As companies begin looking to acquire their first property, make renovations to their current facility or expand to a larger location, they should be asking themselves if they are planning far enough ahead.

“Consider your long-term growth,” Napier stresses. “You wouldn’t buy a home sight unseen or purchase a two-bedroom apartment when you see yourself growing a family in three or four years. You don’t want to go through the process of allocating resources to environmental due diligence only to discover you’ve outgrown the location in a few years.”

Environmental consultants like AKT offer manufacturers the ability to properly consider their current and future properties by looking above ground, below ground and with all the potential issues in mind.

“Manufacturing is challenging enough without the risk of added liability,” says Napier. “Your reputation is built on the products being created within your four walls; reliable due diligence is not something you can afford to ignore. We’re here to help you create a better environment for your business to help ensure your success.”

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