Premium Associate Member Spotlight: Guy Hurley Insurance & Surety Services

This article appeared in the May 2018 issue of MiMfg Magazine. Read the full issue and find past issues online.

Manufacturing is an exciting, challenging and rewarding career path, but it is not free of risk. Even the most well-intentioned, highly regulated businesses can be vulnerable to on-site accidents and devastating data breaches. In order to protect their business from the possibilities of its worst day, proactive manufacturers may utilize the services of risk management firms located across Michigan. While it’s safe to say most people don’t feel the same rush of excitement from insurance as they do from robotics, engineering and innovation, partnering with the right team can be the difference between success and hefty fines, legal liability or bankruptcy.

“Insurance can be a little dry — what we do doesn’t always make for the most entertaining dinner party conversation, but we see the value of what we do every time our clients can go to sleep knowing their business, their team and their reputation is secure,” says Steve Carey, account executive with with Metro Detroit-based Guy Hurley Insurance & Surety Services.

Founded in 2001 by Tom Guy and Paul Hurley, the firm of Guy Hurley began as insurance underwriters, dedicated to leveraging their long history in the industry to assist clients in minimizing the impact of claims and working to effectively reduce a company’s costs and improve their bottom line. It wasn’t long before they discovered manufacturing as a natural fit— an industry that could compete better when aided by proper insurance coverage through a trusted resource.

“Manufacturing is the backbone of what Michigan is and their success means greater success for everyone in the state,” explains Carey. “Because of the inherent risks of the industry, securing sufficient risk management protection can help employers navigate the most complex issues — employee safety, environmental management, supply chain concerns, protecting their physical and data-driven assets — to ensure they succeed today and tomorrow.”

Whether your business is brand-new or well-established, there are some common questions you should ask when considering a potential risk management team:

  • How does your risk management team drive down your workers’ compensation modification?
  • What is your team doing to ensure you are sufficiently protected for loss of income and, if so, what are the covered causes of loss?
  • How does your agency advocate on your behalf when there is a claim?
  • How is your risk management team staying up to date on the emerging risks and the effects of industry 4.0 on your risk management strategies?

“If you have concerns about talent or cyber security or question whether your business is as risk-free as it can be, you need to have a conversation with a reliable risk management firm,” offers Carey. “If you aren’t asking the questions you need to be asking, your business could already be in jeopardy. We can help you take that first step toward safer business management.”

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