Premium Associate Member Spotlight: Manufacturing Technology Mutual Insurance Company

This article appeared in the January 2019 issue of MiMfg Magazine. Read the full issue and find past issues online.

MMA’s bi-annual legislative agenda and 117- year history would suggest dozens of issues are of a high priority to the Association’s members, yet few of those issues were as central to the foundation of MMA as workers’ compensation. A focal point of the creation of MMA in 1902, workers’ comp remains part of the Association’s advocacy efforts today through the MFG Works Partners program with Manufacturing Technology Mutual Insurance Company (MTMIC).

“We’ve been around since 1976 when we were the Detroit Tooling Association and over that time we’ve grown in size and scope but still have that family-feel that is pretty unique for an insurance provider,” says John Karlen, president of the Farmington Hills-based insurer.

MTMIC and its members benefit from an extensive network of appointed agencies and licensed producers, resulting in millions of dollars in reduced insurance premiums for the more than 900 members through effective cost control, improved safety and vigilance against fraudulent claims.

“As a small mutual insurance company, we always work to prioritize member value over everything else and if it doesn’t benefit our core members, we don’t do it,” explains Karlen.

MTMIC’s vice president of sales and marketing, Megan Brown, states that the focus of the business “is on manufacturing and Michigan because those two go hand-in-hand. We understand the unique role of the industry to Michigan and work every day to ensure all manufacturers have access to affordable, valuable workers’ compensation insurance coverage.”

The team at MTMIC isn’t just dedicated, they have a stability unlike almost any other insurance team you’ve seen, with no turnover in last five years and an average employee tenure of just under 20 years. More importantly, they love manufacturing.

“I think it’s the way their eyes light up when they show you what they do,” says Karlen. “There’s a sense of pride that comes with what they do, being able to create and innovate. You can talk to even the busiest manufacturer and they’ll take the time to share their story and give you a tour. How can you not want to help them?”

Among the perks of utilizing MTMIC’s programs are:

  • Personalized Claims Handling
  • Proactive Loss Control Services
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Unparalleled Dividend Program
  • 24 Hour On-Line Training Portal
  • 24/7 Claims Filing
  • Experienced, Licensed Claims Adjusters
  • A Michigan Company Serving Michigan Employers
  • Direct Access to Key Personnel

“We aren’t an inspector telling an already busy shop ‘okay, here’s more you need to do’ — instead, we work to act like an in-house safety manager helping and providing the business owners with the tools they need to stay in compliance and be responsible,” explains Karlen.

Whether you are a large, global corporation or a small-to-mid-sized manufacturer, workers’ comp is a critical piece of your insurance coverage needs. By working with a local insurance group like MTMIC, through the MFG Works Partners program, you’ll benefit both from a business with the stability and reliability of a large company and the easy access, 24/7 responsiveness of a small business.

“Your insurance company should take an interest in who you are and what you do — you should be more than a name in a database,” says Brown. “Manufacturing is all about progress; it’s about moving forward and, in the moment when you need someone there for you, having that relationship, having that face-to-face connection; it goes a lot farther than another faceless phone call.”

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