Premium Associate Member Spotlight: Real IT Solutions

Interview with Real IT Solutions Founder and CEO Matt Kahle

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In today’s digital world, cyberattacks threaten a diverse range of industries and businesses — manufacturing is no exception. Fortunately, implementing some basic cybersecurity protocols can take care of most common threats and protect your equipment, systems, people, data and, especially, uptime.

Keeping your equipment up and running is vitally important for manufacturers and Matt Kahle, Founder and CEO of Real IT Solutions, understands the importance of safeguarding his clients from potential threats in order to protect their productivity.

“Uptime is a critical function,” says Kahle. “If our clients’ systems aren’t working, they can’t make their products. If that’s not happening, that could spell trouble. A lot of bad actors out there understand if they can cripple a system in one way or another, that’s a good ransom event.”

One Skill Everyone Should Have

Listening to understand. Too often, we plan our responses before the other person finishes their sentence. I think we would all be better served in life if we took the time to truly understand before responding.

Kahle decided to start his own company in 2006 after more than a decade in the IT services industry and eventually partnered with Adam Peterson, who is now the company’s owner and Chief Technology Officer. Since that time, Real IT Solutions has grown into a full-service managed IT service provider with over 23 employees and 100 customers specializing in manufacturing. The company provides consultation and support, data backup solutions, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, cloud-based solutions and training.

From those early days, Kahle and his team naturally gravitated toward the industry and now he estimates more than 90 percent of their clients are manufacturers.

“We share a cultural alignment with our manufacturing clients,” says Kahle. “We understand how to get things done, how to keep things operating and how to put in some preventative measures to make sure that they don’t have downtime.”

IT services and cybersecurity protections can be tailored based on the unique needs of each company, but taking care of the basics first is always a top priority, says Kahle.

“I’m talking about your standard protections like firewalls, anti-malware, backups, disaster recovery and cybersecurity awareness training is a big piece of that as well,” says Kahle. “If you can get that basic blocking-and-tackling in place, you can cover a pretty big swath of security threats.”

Best Part of My Job

The best part of my job is working with people I like. I get to work with a fantastic team and have customers that I really enjoy working with. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kahle and his team also support their clients with the hiring process through automation and training as manufacturers continue to face an ongoing talent crisis.

“We have been watching our manufacturing clients deal with staffing shortages for years,” says Kahle. “We are constantly working to improve automation and the required infrastructure so they can do more with less.”

Whether it’s cybersecurity or helping manufacturers address the ongoing talent crisis, employing basic IT solutions can have a major impact on a company’s bottom line and peace of mind.

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