Premium Associate Member Spotlight: The Luminous Group

When costly production problems arise or you’re interested in improving productivity to meet growing demand, sometimes it takes a hard look at the nuts and bolts of your core processes to reveal the true source of the problem or shed light on new opportunities.

That is why in 1999, with 20 years of diverse operational and financial experience, Murray Sittsamer founded The Luminous Group (TLG) as a company dedicated to partnering with clients to work through their operational challenges. The company serves manufacturing and other process-oriented organizations to help their team members understand their workflow, what can go wrong and how to get more products right the first time.

One Thing I Can’t Live Without

“I get a lot of gratification connecting people who should know each other, either professionally or personally.”

There are a wide variety of business problems that can be solved through process improvement. Some manufacturers are looking to reduce cost and waste, while others are seeking how to properly and more efficiently handle material scrap. Other problems may involve eliminating rework or minimizing downtime on the production floor.

It might be underutilized test equipment time in the design world. Or it might be field problems, such as customer complaints, warranty issues or costly recalls, and that might result in continuous sorting of parts until the parts are right. Sittsamer advises that companies take the time to focus on eliminating the causes of these kinds of problems because it’s very expensive for any business to repeat mistakes.

“When it comes to big picture process improvement, quality improvement and problem solving – those things don’t always come easy,” Sittsamer says. “We hear a lot that (businesses) don't know where or how to start, or they get distracted by other priorities. Improvement teams will often jump to conclusions and don't make the correct decisions or they don't have the knowledge to see a problem from a different point of view.”

One Skill Everyone Should Have

“Good time management. The time is fixed, but it's how you use that time that matters.”

Process improvement can make your organization more efficient, more competitive and more profitable. However, it’s also about the people side. Employees at all levels should feel free to suggest an idea, according to Sittsamer. And leadership needs to work with production to get better results. Not just hold them accountable but treat each other with trust, respect and inclusion.

Reducing conflict and eliminating barriers can help people work with each other and improve results. Working collaboratively as a cohesive team is such a critical factor for just about any organization but it’s easier said than done.

“Sometimes it’s helpful to bring in someone from the outside to break down what would traditionally be silos between departments so you can begin to be more innovative,” says Sittsamer. “We collaborate with our clients to find an approach that will start where they are and take them where they want to go.”

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