Premium Member Spotlight: Clark Hill

This article appeared in the September 2020 issue of MiMfg Magazine. Read the full issue and find past issues online.

A manufacturer’s need for legal advice may start with one question about one problem, but it can quickly branch off into deeper, more diverse discussions. Experience matters and having one reliable source ready to help you across multiple issues can provide a competitive advantage. Moreover, finding a firm that mirrors manufacturing’s own commitment to community and diversity can keep you at the cutting edge of societal trends.

Founded in 1890, Clark Hill is one of the nation’s largest legal firms with over 700 attorneys and professionals nationwide and more than two dozen unique practice areas including labor & employment, cyber security, international trade and health care law. And, with membership dating back to 1908, Clark Hill is one of MMA’s longest-standing members and a steadfast supporter of the industry for more than a century.

“Our mission has always been to provide manufacturers with the resources and advice to remain competitive now and into the future, no matter what obstacles arise,” said David Cessante, Partner for Clark Hill’s Labor & Employment Practice Group. “This year has definitely brought a lot of unexpected obstacles to the forefront and I think manufacturers have stepped up to lead and will come out stronger because of it.”

Built on core guiding principles, including going beyond expectations, forging strong relationships, caring, ethical behavior, putting the community first — the secret of Clark Hill’s decades-long success is in a culture just as diverse as its manufacturing clientele.

“The best legal minds in the world can only get you so far. Manufacturers can understand that the more open you are to innovative ideas, out-of-the-box thinking, and a willingness to adapt — that is where success comes from and that’s the culture our leadership team has built,” explained Cessante.

A wide variety of perspectives will bring with it a variety of innovative ideas and Clark Hill has shown dedication to developing a diverse and inclusive workforce from within its respective communities. Clark Hill’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee directs three core programs that serve as the cornerstones of its effort to make the firm a welcoming workplace and to effectively prepare future leaders:

  • ClarkHill THRIVE, emphasizing the value of multiculturalism
  • ClarkHill BOLD, preparing and promoting women for leadership
  • ClarkHill PRIDE, elevating and supporting LGBTQ lawyers, professionals and staff

By bringing in the experiences and vision of each group, new opportunities are created to expand representation at every level of the firm. New initiatives have also become popularized thanks to their input, including updates to parental leave and reduced-work arrangements and career path alternatives to improve professional growth opportunities.

“We’ve been around for 130 years and we’ve been committed to manufacturing all along. Manufacturers invest every bit of themselves into service to their customers and their community,” Cessante said. “We recognize that and we mimic that in our own service.”

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