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Protect Your Company and Your Employees from UI Imposter Claims

Make sure you’re protecting your company and your employees by:

  • Watching Vigilantly for Imposter Claims: While the UIA has improved some of their processes to identify and prevent imposter claims, a recent analysis of likely imposter claims reveals that employer review and protests were the only mechanism in some cases to stop the fraudulent claim from going into payment status. Please be vigilant in monitoring your mail and/or MiWAM account and immediately protest any claim that you see for employees that are currently working for you. Especially look out for claims that are filed under the “Temporary Shutdown” reason for separation — this has been a favorite of the identity thieves.
  • Supporting Your Employees that Are Affected by Imposter Claims: One of our manufacturing members that has experienced a tremendous number of imposter claims has developed this sample communication to aid employees affected by imposter claims. Use this template or create your own and send it along with this Statement of Identity Theft to help your employee through the process of clearing their social security number from this fraudulent claim.

This article originally appeared as an announcement to the MMA Employment & Workforce Policy Committee. Go to the Committees page to join.

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