Skilled Trades Training Fund Grants Announced for 800 Michigan Employers

Approximately 27,400 workers will gain new career opportunities or develop improved skills as a result of these grants, according to a TIA press release.

Since Fiscal Year 2014, more than 1,400 companies have received awards averaging nearly $34,000 to go toward talent development, improved productivity and greater employee retention. MMA continues to advocate for more funding as the popular STTF initiative provides creative, driven, future-focused manufacturers with the tools and talent to compete in a global economy.

“The Skilled Trades Training Fund gave us the opportunity to provide training to our new and current apprentices as well as incumbent employees,” said Brad Rusthoven, HR manager for MMA member company Franchino Mold and Engineering. “More than anything we’ve been able to work on closing the talent gap so when our seasoned employees retire, we minimize the loss of productivity and skills.”

For more information on how your business can prepare to apply for funding for Fiscal Year 2019 and to learn more about the Skilled Trades Training Fund, contact Delaney McKinley, MMA senior director of government affairs and membership, at 517-487-8530 or

This article was originally published in the 12/5/17 edition of MMA’s MFG Voice.

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