Statement of MMA President & CEO John J. Walsh in Response to House Labor Committee Passage of Right-to-Work Repeal

LANSING (Jan. 8, 2023) — The Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) today released the following statement in response to the Michigan Labor Committee Passage of Right-to-Work Repeal.

Statement of MMA President & CEO John J. Walsh

We are disappointed in action taken by members of the House Labor Committee to approve legislation that would make Michigan less competitive and weaken our economy for businesses and families alike.

As policymakers stand on the cusp of a new era of technological transformation, we must compete to attract and maintain manufacturing capital investment and talent to capture the future of the manufacturing industry. We must retain the core of the state’s economy. Our ability to develop relationships with our teams and build our talent base is a primary consideration in site selection for future projects in Michigan and now is the time for us to raise our voices to protect this vital law.

“Right-to-Work” laws ban compulsory union membership as a condition of employment. These laws empower employees to decide for themselves if they wish to join a union. Ever since the enactment of Michigan’s law in 2012, the state has prospered with growing profits and increasing employment.

MMA strongly opposes the repeal of Right-to-Work and will work to block this ill-conceived legislation. This is a critical moment in Michigan's history. Manufacturers will be less competitive if Right-to-Work is repealed.

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