The Purpose of the Workplace Has Changed

The people, spaces, culture and technology of workplaces are shifting to prioritize community, belonging and autonomy through imaginative interior design. The manufacturing sector is no exception.

Forward-thinking manufacturers are revamping their business systems to minimize supply chain disruption, improve operations and protect profit margins. To maximize the potential of technological upgrades, it is essential to equally invest in training existing employees and attracting new talent. For many businesses, a necessary step in attracting talent is making the workplace a space people want to come by offering flexibility, streamlined systems and employee-centered design.

Bringing Employees into Work

Many people enjoy the luxuries of remote work, and it can be difficult to find capable, dedicated employees willing to work in in-person manufacturing roles. To encourage in-person work, it is necessary to invest in making the workplace comfortable and functional for the work employees do. Lounge areas add warmth and a place for relaxation and architectural products, such as demountable walls, can divide space while leaving room for flexibility. Modern facilities, thoughtful architectural planning and well-designed furniture solutions can improve employee satisfaction at work and add real cultural value to your business.

Get Started

In the beginning stages of your project, it is important to think big. Imagine the most high-level goals for your space and the experience you want to create for employees and guests. With the assistance of project management, construction, architectural and interior design teams, your big plans will be tailored to thoughtful, practical solutions.

Keep in mind that impactful solutions can be created to any budget. While budget concerns are certainly valid, design professionals are insightful and can create meaningful and cost-effective change in your workspace.

Timing can vary greatly depending on the size and scale of the project, but for existing spaces that need reimagining, your new space can be completed in around seven months from first introductions to move-in day.

Updating your workplace is a worthwhile investment, equally important as technological updates, to improve employee satisfaction and attract new hires .

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