The Talent Magnet Series

This set of practical, interactive, 30-minute mini-webinars will help you and your organization attract and retain the right talent. Led by Kevin Eikenberry, multiple-time bestselling author and named by Global Gurus as one of the top 30 leadership thinkers in the world, he will bring his latest thinking and the lessons he’s learned from organizations and leaders around the world.

Session 1 – Turning the Great Resignation into the Great Revival

Learn how your organization can leverage the current talent situation to your benefit – and create a stronger organization for the future. Watch on-demand

Session 2 – Five Ways Leaders Can Become Talent Magnets

Learn some of the most powerful behaviors that leaders can practice that will hold the talent you want – and attract the talent you need. Watch on-demand

Session 3 – Building a Culture Where People Want to Work

Learn five things you can do to create a culture that attracts talent and gets great results. Watch on-demand