Training Enhancement and Mentoring System — powered by The Luminous Group

As senior operators retire, many companies struggle to maintain strong output on their lines with inexperienced operators and without a comprehensive operator training program.

Exclusive to MMA members and provided at a 5 percent discount, Training Enhancement and Mentoring System (TEAMS), teaches manufacturing leaders how to effectively train operators.

  • Ensures training is consistent and thorough
  • Learning occurs via mentorship, practice and verification
  • Reduces errors, scrap, rework, downtime and learning time
  • Shows employees why their work matters
  • Increases teamwork and retention

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Watch the informational session below with MMA’s Bill Rayl and The Luminous Group and check out The Luminous Group’s article, New Hire Training to Accelerate Productivity and Quality, from the July/August issue of MiMFG Magazine.

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