UAW Extends Strike Threatening the Strength and Vitality of our Domestic Auto Industry

UAW President Shawn Fain this morning announced an extension of the UAW’s strike against Ford, GM and Stellantis, as we enter the third week of this strike. According to Fain, 7,000 additional UAW members will walk off the job at Ford’s Chicago Assembly (Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator) and GM’s Lansing Delta Township plant (Buick Enclave and Chevrolet Traverse) at noon today.

The continuation and extension of the UAW’s strike negatively impacts the Big Three and the entire supply chain, with MMA members across the state already implementing layoffs as orders diminish.

While the extension itself is both disastrous and disappointing, this past week’s rhetoric from the UAW negatively builds upon Fain’s narrative that employers are the enemy by associating US automakers with the ‘axis of evil”. This is no game and we appreciate the leadership of the OEMs who have kept their eye on the prize despite unconscionable rhetoric and opportunistic/unproductive political commentary. For the wellbeing of our globally interconnected industry and forward progress of our fragile economy, we call on all parties to deal professionally and in good faith to reach a rapid resolution. It is also worth noting the harm to our sensibilities and already frayed civility.

MMA continues to advocate for a fair and reasonable settlement in every media outlet afforded us, while always continuing to extoll the powerful and positive impact the US automotive industry has on Michigan. We will continue to fight to maintain and grow Michigan’s role in the automotive sector, as we should not just because it is our heritage, but because the automotive sector is the lynchpin of economic strength, stability, innovation and personal prosperity. It literally is the driver of our world’s economy, and we need to fight to maintain Michigan’s pre-eminence in this space.

As promised in an earlier message, we share all information available to assist our members in addressing potential layoffs as the strike continues. Please see the information contained in this link for helpful information you might share with those employees in your organizations that are adversely affected by continuation of the UAW strike.

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