Using Clean Energy to Transform Business and Break Barriers

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Cleaner, greener, more affordable energy is on every manufacturer’s wish list. Whether it’s high-efficiency lighting for shop floors or the electrification and charging of vehicle fleets, energy savings can do wonders for the bottom line.

Better yet, clean energy can do more than save costs for the consumer. Clean energy has the potential to benefit communities.

And, in rare instances, clean energy also builds dynamic businesses while supporting the community — which is the blueprint for Dunamis Clean Energy Partners.

Formed in 2012 by CEO Natalie King, Dunamis Clean Energy is named after the Greek word for power. “I chose the name because ‘duna’ is the root word for dynamite. It represents explosive power,” explains King.

Duna is also where terms like dynamo and dynamic come from — which are also more than fitting for King and her company.

After all, the sustainable energy expertise that King and her team of engineers at Dunamis Clean Energy bring to their customers in manufacturing, government, health care and beyond offers the power to transform industry.

How Dunamis is Changing the Game

Dunamis is breaking ground in energy solutions by making a new line of EV charging stations that not only charge your vehicle but provide 24/7 interactive support. The company has also emerged as the first black-
woman-owned EV charging manufacturing company in the country — possibly, the world.

“That wasn’t my intention, but that’s something to be proud of,” says King. “We’re simply focused on being the best.”

While reluctant to embrace the trailblazer tag, preferring to focus on her growing business, King understands and appreciates the significance of her role in the industry and the community.

“I want to create a path for the next small business owner, for the next woman-owned business, for the next minority-owned business, to come in and succeed,” says King.

A native Detroiter who grew up on the west side of Detroit, King also knows she wants to bring the benefits of charging stations and green energy to inner city neighborhoods.

“It’s often our poorest communities that are the most impacted by greenhouse gas emissions,” explains King. “When you’re looking at environmental justice issues…the pollution is really an issue that impacts the lives of inner city residents.”

King also wants to bring new opportunities of their burgeoning industry to the underrepresented communities of Detroit. She wants to provide access to the skills and education needed to secure the kinds of jobs that improve lives.

“It’s why I wanted to secure an assembly plant in Detroit to produce our new EV charging stations and other hardware,” says King. And she has — on the east side of Detroit just off East Grand Boulevard near the old Packard plant.

Dunamis Clean Energy is doing more than providing leading-edge energy efficiency to customers of all sizes. They’re also providing the transformative energy needed to change lives for the better in inner city Detroit.

That’s real power.

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