Your Environment, Health, & Safety Program — Tech Improvements for 2020

By Brianne Ray, LyfeCycle


Q: In today’s age, why should an EH&S program matter to manufacturers?

A: EHS is far more than just meeting compliance and checking boxes. Rather, the critical heartbeat of keeping an organization safe for its employees, compliant, and focused on environmental loyalty. Environment, health and safety is an organizational discipline that implements specific aspects of environmental protection and safety at work. In simple terms, EH&S is what organizations must do to ensure that their activities do not cause harm. From a health & safety standpoint, it involves creating standardized procedures to identify workplace hazards while reducing accidents and exposure to harmful situations and substances.

Q: Is the traditional way of managing an EH&S program still effective for a modern-day manufacturer? Why or why not?

A: Spreadsheets, binders, and paper forms are a thing of the past. Intelligent analysis of EH&S, Corrective Action/Risk Mitigation, Environmental Impact Reduction, Universal Corporate Perspective, and Scalability are critical elements in today’s EH&S world! A modern EHS program promotes goal setting, metrics, data detail, and corrective action in an easily accessible way, in order to progressively improve and manage EH&S day to day.

Q: What kinds of manufacturing organizations can successfully implement a technology based solution to raise their EH&S program to the next level?

A: No matter the type of manufacturer, size, or headcount; an EH&S program guided by a technical solution is critical to the overall “health” at an organization. Sophistication, intelligence, and ease of use promotes a vested interest in continuous improvement of employee well-being and environmental impact.

Q: How can LyfeCycle’s service offerings boost the success of a manufacturer’s existing EH&S program?

A: Understanding what your organization does well within EH&S, where it needs improvement, how dollars are affected, and how environment is impacted by your organization is what matters in today’s manufacturing world. LyfeCycle was created specifically with the manufacturer in mind, with custom functionality that gears exactly toward what matters in managing a successful program. The ability to generate actionable data to be used for improvement and understanding is what LyfeCycle was built for. LyfeCycle creates an experience that is user friendly, actionable, customizable, and undeniably a “next level way” to manage EH&S!

Q: What questions should a manufacturer be asking to determine if their EH&S program is ahead of the curve or behind the pack?

A: We live in a technology guided world that enhances the way we think, live, react, and improve what is all around us. Having the ability to automate an organization's EHS program in a way that creates actionable data that can be utilized in multiple forms and for multiple reasons is how a manufacturer should be viewing EH&S. Doing things the same old manual way from decades past with a reactive mentality, only prevents what pivotal information could be right at the fingertips to keep employees safer, save money, set goals, improve customer reputation, and become more organizationally intelligent!

Q: How do efficiently managed EH&S programs help a manufacturer’s need to balance economic success with responsible environmental and community stewardship?

A: EH&S is highly critical to multiple areas of an organization and to the community, which makes it quite unique! The commitment and quality to a well-nourished EH&S program affects the employees, the business itself in proving environmental responsibility and quality to its customers and community, and the longevity/sustainability of keeping an organization flourishing and successful. How a manufacturer is viewed from the outside world, makes for a positive reputation with the people involved (employees/customers) and the environment aspects it impacts such as water, greenhouse gas, and environmental reduction. The LyfeCycle technology guides this philosophy in a way that was BUILT for the manufacturer!


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