MMA Staff

Chuck HaddenChuck Hadden

MMA President & CEO
Chuck ensures MMA’s member companies remain competitive. • 517-487-8550

Mike JohnstonMike Johnston

Vice President of
Government Affairs

Mike focuses on government affairs, tax and energy policy issues. • 517-487-8554

Valerie BomanValerie Boman

Assistant to the
MMA President

Val provides administrative support and manages MMA’s executive schedules. • 517-487-8541

Brett GerrishBrett Gerrish

Communications Coordinator
Brett writes MMA content and coordinates its communications and social media. • 517-487-8533

Elyse KopietzElyse Kopietz

Director of Communications,
Marketing & Events

Elyse oversees the delivery of MMA's valuable information and programs. • 517-487-8553

Sarah PytelSarah Martin

Event Coordinator
Contact Sarah for information on upcoming MMA events. • 517-487-8521

Brianna MillsBrianna Mills

Strategic Partnerships Manager
Brianna strengthens the connections between MMA's Government Affairs team and our members. • 517-214-5099

Deborah PiperDeborah Piper

Accounting Specialist
Contact Deborah for details or questions on your member account. • 517-487-8522

Gin SalmonGin Salmon

Insurance Processor Specialist
Gin is a resource for questions about MMA’s insurance and benefits programs. • 517-487-8525

Andy SuchAndy Such

Director of Regulatory &
Environmental Policy

Andy focuses on regulatory and environmental policy issues. • 517-487-8543

Jeff VennJeff Venn

Building Coordinator
Jeff manages building maintenance and security. • 517-487-8544

Larry JanickiLarry Janicki

MMASC President
Larry manages the exclusive services and benefits MMA offers to members. • 517-487-8556

Olga DuBoisOlga DuBois

Vice President of Finance, HR and IT
Olga oversees finance, human resources and technology. • 517-487-8511

Dane CookeDane Cooke

IT Coordinator
Dane handles internal information technology and video production. • 517-487-8551

Bailey JudsonBailey Judson

Government Affairs Coordinator
Bailey helps MMA Government Affairs team keep your company competitive and is your first point-of-contact for advocacy issues. • 517-487-8552

Brenda NalettElizabeth Maciejewski

Membership Specialist
Elizabeth is your first point of contact for all questions concerning your membership. • 517-487-8542

Delaney McKinleyDelaney McKinley

Director of Human Resource Policy
and Membership Development

Delaney focuses on human resource policy issues such as health care and talent. • 517-487-8530

Brenda NalettBrenda Nalett

Member Services Manager
Brenda manages MMA's broad variety of services and insurance packages designed to save you money. • 517-487-8512

Betsy RomankewizBetsy Romankewiz

Insurance Processor
Betsy assists member companies with their insurance and benefit programs. • 517-487-8514

Diane ShermanDiane Sherman

Insurance Processor
Diane assists member companies with their insurance and benefit programs. • 517-487-8524

Louann TicnorLouann Ticnor

Insurance Processor
Louann assists member companies with their insurance and benefit programs. • 517-487-8531

Joy WolfJoy Wolf

Marketing & Publications Coordinator
Joy is responsible for the look of MMA materials, including the MMA website and MiMfg Magazine. • 517-487-8515

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