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EnStar logoMMA and its energy partner, EnStar Energy LLC, can help MMA members save money on their energy and utility services.

Save on Energy and Be Rewarded

Earn revenue for using less energy, reduce electricity costs, achieve ESG goals and help make your community more sustainable with a new program through the Midcontinent Independent System Operator Inc. (MISO), the electricity grid operator in the Midwest and South Central region.

MMA, Enstar Energy and CPower can help you take advantage of recent changes in the MISO market through programs that were recently widely opened in Michigan.

MISO Demand Response Programs

Industrial customers can now enroll in demand response programs, which allow organizations to earn financial rewards while providing the grid operator with the resources necessary to maintain reliable grid operations. Get paid while using less energy when electric demand on the grid exceeds the grid operator’s ability to supply it or when electricity costs are high. Reduce your consumption according to a pre-determined curtailment plan and be compensated for your efforts.

Registration closes 2/1/24 for the MISO June 1 Plan Year. Learn more.

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EnStar can provide members with:

  • A no-cost utility bill review to see if your company is on the most cost-effective utility rate offered, if bill errors exist, or if there are avoidable charges on the bill.
  • Help your company receive an industrial processing sales tax exemption on your utility bills and receive a refund for up to four years of overpayments.
  • Find and repair compressed air leaks at your facilities at little or no cost to your company.
  • Get the best deal on gas and electric rates and terms with Enstar Energy’s Broker Services.
  • Optimize your facility energy efficiency with a no-cost onsite energy audit.
  • Assist your company with such measures as lighting upgrades.
  • Receive payment of up to $25 per kilowatt for Demand Response capabilities due to onsite generation including backup generation and for energy efficiency projects.

MMA members who have used Enstar Energy’s services have averaged $10,000 in first-year savings.

Get Started

Send a copy of your utility bills, along with your contact information, to or call 517-694-2510. EnStar will reach out to you to begin the process of reducing your utility costs.

There is no cost or obligation for EnStar’s review.

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