Energy Services

EnStar logoMMA and its energy partner, EnStar Energy LLC, can help MMA members save money on their energy and utility services.

EnStar can provide members with:

  • A no-cost utility bill review to see if your company is on the most cost-effective utility rate offered, if bill errors exist, or if there are avoidable charges on the bill.
  • Help your company receive an industrial processing sales tax exemption on your utility bills and receive a refund for up to four years of overpayments.
  • Find and repair compressed air leaks at your facilities at little or no cost to your company.
  • Get the best deal on gas and electric rates and terms with Enstar Energy’s Broker Services.
  • Optimize your facility energy efficiency with a no-cost onsite energy audit.
  • Assist your company with such measures as lighting upgrades.
  • Receive payment of up to $25 per kilowatt for Demand Response capabilities due to onsite generation including backup generation and for energy efficiency projects.

MMA members who have used Enstar Energy’s services have averaged $10,000 in first-year savings.

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