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The greatest external threat to small and medium-sized organizations today is cybersecurity attacks and manufacturers are becoming more frequent targets each and every day.  To help protect our members and their people, MMA has partnered with SensCy, your trusted guide to Sensible Cyber.

The SensCy Solution

SensCy is comprised of IT and cybersecurity leaders with a combined 100+ years of industry knowledge. Their only business is cybersecurity with a focus on small and medium-sized organizations. They have a technology platform with real people dedicated to help you improve your cybersecurity health on an ongoing basis and in easy-to-understand steps.

Today, more than ever, manufacturers need to be protected from cyberattacks. Yet, many find cybersolutions to be expensive, complicated and time consuming. SensCy is your trusted guide; providing you with an affordable, understandable and efficient solutions, including the personal attention you deserve to mitigate your company’s risk.

Bill Henderson“I describe SensCy as the real deal. They do exactly what they say they’re going to do and they do it well.”

— Bill Henderson, President, Aircraft Precision Products, Ithaca

What is Your SensCy Score?

A SensCy Score™ is a numeric representation of the effectiveness of the cyber hygiene in your organization. Using various data points, our proprietary algorithm calculates your score. You should have your score at or above 800.

Get Your SensCy Score™!

Your SensCy Score™ is a good indication of your organization’s cyber hygiene and how prepared your organization is against cyber threats. We can generate your score in less than 30 minutes—at no cost to you!

Factors that Affect Your SensCy Score™

  • Identify – Knowing the processes & digital assets that need protection.
  • Protect – Implementing appropriate safeguards to protect your digital assets.
  • Detect – Identifying cyber incidents.
  • Respond – Contain the impacts of cyberattacks.
  • Recover – Restoring services to normal operations.

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