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MFG Tools for Safe & Productive Operations

MMA has developed MFG Tools for Safe & Productive Operations to help you develop your plan for business resumption and to identify partners that can help with procedures and equipment for critical operational elements like virus mitigation, enhanced facility disinfection, employee screening and training, financial resources, risk management and legal services.

This interactive digital tool integrates leading safety standards for manufacturers with direct contact information for MMA member companies that have demonstrated a commitment to the vitality of Michigan’s manufacturing sector. We encourage you to reach out to the companies included in the MFG Tools for Safe & Productive Operations to help you deal with the challenges facing your business.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only and does not, nor is it intended to, constitute legal advice. Companies and individuals should always consult legal counsel to obtain advice with respect to any particular legal question or issue.

See the MMA COVID-19 Financial Relief Tool Kit for information on federal and state programs that your business could qualify for.

As we prepare for the near future where manufacturers lead the return to a robust economy with a safe, healthy, confident and economically secure workforce, MMA is working to support our member companies by developing resources to help you restart or scale up your operations safely and productively.

  • MMA has developed two tools to help you develop your plan for business resumption:
    • MFG Tools for Safe & Productive Operations is an interactive digital tool that integrates leading safety standards for manufacturers with direct contact information for MMA member companies that have demonstrated a commitment to the vitality of Michigan’s manufacturing sector.
    • MFG Best Practices for Operating Safely and Productively condenses the leading safety standards and best practices for manufacturers on critical topics like employee screening, social distancing, decontamination, personal protection equipment, communication and training.
  • Heritage-Crystal Clean, the nation’s second largest and fastest growing parts cleaning and industrial waste services provider, offers FDA- and EPA-approved services to decontaminate common surfaces and dispose of potentially contaminated materials.
  • HoMedics, a trusted health and wellness company for over 32 years, has converted its supply chain to provide critically needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including face masks, no-contact thermometers, air purifiers, pulse oximeters and other equipment you might find useful for opening back up.
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  • iMBranded, a Pontiac-based provider of architectural millwork and customizable graphics for multiple industries, has developed a line of social distancing signs and products designed to help businesses implement social distancing measures as they re-open.
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MMA Premium Member Resources
  • Webinar: Payroll Tax Deferral Briefing with Maner Costerisan
    Host: Maner Costerisan (MMA Premium Associate Member)
    Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.
    Register online.

    The IRS has issued guidance on President Donald J. Trump’s executive order deferring the payment of certain employee payroll taxes until 12/31/20.

    Join MMA and Dennis Theis, a principal with the manufacturing-focused public accounting firm of Maner Costerisan, for a free critical briefing to learn how the deferral actually works in practice and hear about remaining uncertainties. Ask your questions of a seasoned CPA to make sure your company and your employees are competitive and protected.

Press Releases
County Orders
Governor’s Executive Directives
Governor’s Executive Orders
  • EPA Temporary Enforcement Policy (March 26, 2020)
    Temporary policy regarding EPA enforcement of environmental legal obligations during the COVID–19 pandemic
  • EGLE Discretionary Enforcement Guidance
    In light of the EPA Guidance, EGLE has issued guidance on discretionary enforcement. EGLE has established an email box to accept requests from entities who face unavoidable noncompliance directly due to the COVID–19 emergency. In response to those requests, EGLE may consider extending reporting deadlines, waiving late fees, and otherwise exercising enforcement discretion
  • EGLE’s Materials Management Divisions Guidance (March 26, 2020)
    Notice for businesses dealing in waste and materials management with guidance related to operations during the current COVID–19 pandemic
  • Air Quality Guidance (April 6, 2020)
    Temporary policy from the Air Quality Division that has updated its procedures to allow for greater ease in submitting information to EGLE. The Guidance applies to Permit to Install Applications, Stack Test Reports and Protocols, Renewable Operating Permit Applications, and Renewable Operating Permit modifications. The Guidance also provides a District Office contact list for any submissions.

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