2022 Primary Election Endorsements

Elections matter, especially to manufacturers in Michigan looking for pro-manufacturing legislative policies.

The new Michigan House and Senate districts, drawn by the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, will dictate the future policy direction of Michigan. Along with term limits, the new lines have pinched out incumbents, forced other incumbents to run against each other and attracted 564 new candidates into the electoral process.

With so much at stake, MMA has completed our process to endorse pro-manufacturing candidates for the Michigan Primary on Tuesday, 8/2/22. This extensive vetting includes review of candidate questionnaires and incumbent vote records, conversations with candidates and evaluation of races. The list of 100 endorsed candidates for the Michigan House and Senate is available in the MMA Election Center. We encourage you to share with your employees to help take full advantage of manufacturing’s political footprint. MMA members are located in every corner of this state and are often primary economic drivers in their local communities.

Once MMA has developed the list of endorsed candidates for each election, we publish it statewide, inform the candidates and let all members know who we believe will advocate for pro-manufacturing policies. After the Primary Election, the endorsement process will begin again for the General Election and that list will be released in late August.

For the gubernatorial race, the MMA Board of Directors will invite the General Election candidates to present to the Board and they will make a final determination on endorsement.

We encourage all manufacturers to review our endorsements for candidates in your area and share your views with your administrative decision-making level employees to make sure manufacturing hits at its appropriate political weight. As the largest sector of the Michigan economy, we need to make our voice heard.

Paid for with regulated funds by Michigan Manufacturers Association ImPACt Fund. Not authorized by any candidate committee. 620 S Capitol Avenue, Lansing MI 48933. Contributions to the ImPACt Fund are not considered charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.