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  • How to Leverage Inventory Cost Management to Improve Your Company Profitability

    May 19, 2022    192

    For many businesses, balancing inventory costs is vital to success but it can be a guessing game that is difficult to predict. Learn how an effective inventory cost management system can make it easier to capture appropriate costs from MMA member Rehmann.
  • The Research Tax Credit: An Underused Asset for Manufacturers

    May 19, 2022    201

    Only 30% of manufacturing businesses in the US are claiming the R&D Tax Credit, available to companies that are developing or improving products, processes, techniques, formulas, inventions or software. Find out if your company qualifies and how to prepare the credit from MMA member @DST Advisory Group.
  • MMA-Supported Term Limit Reform Proposal Headed to November Ballot

    May 10, 2022    93

    Following a recent vote by the MMA Board of Directors to support changes to Michigan’s legislative term limit law proposed by Voters for Transparency and Term Limits, the Legislature today passed House Joint Resolution R, which places the proposed constitutional amendment to reform Michigan’s term limits on the November 2022 ballot.
  • How to Prevent Random, Low Frequency Defects from Escaping to the Customer

    May 4, 2022    164

    Many manufacturers experience their share of quality problems. Many can be solved with troubleshooting. More difficult problems require some analysis and use of cause analysis tools. But the trickiest, most frustrating and hardest to solve seem to be very low occurrence, seemingly random issues, that escape out to the customer.
  • Navigating Inflation with Equipment Financing

    May 4, 2022    221

    Organizations looking for enterprise hardware and automation solutions are seeing multiple price increases on those products in short periods of time — in some cases, those increases (around a few percentage points on average) have occurred even after a purchase order was issued. The ongoing supply chain issues, increased demand for goods, the cost of manufacturing and significantly higher shipping costs have all contributed.
  • Identify, Understand and Manage Health Plan Risk within M&A

    April 19, 2022    274

    With more companies transitioning from fully insured to self-insured health plans, the claims liability that once primarily fell on the insurance carrier is now more directly the employer’s responsibility.
  • Four Characteristics of Great Middle Managers

    April 19, 2022    191

    Middle managers are often the unsung heroes in times of change. This is especially true as the pandemic has stressed organizations with operational challenges and talent shortages. Middle managers play a critical role in successfully navigating today’s environment. They are the ones who help ensure organizations are successful. However, their contributions and potential for positive impact often go unrecognized.
  • Welcome to Bill Rayl, MMA's New Executive Director of Workforce Solutions

    April 14, 2022    507

    As Michigan manufacturers face increasing competition across this great nation of ours and around the world for skilled talent, and as the need for skilled workers to develop and implement new advanced technologies reaches a critical juncture, MMA welcomes one of the country’s most recognized experts to the MMA family to serve as that connector for Michigan manufacturers.
  • Preparing for Cyberattacks and Limiting Liability

    March 4, 2022    362

    Now is the time for companies to ensure that they undertake a comprehensive risk assessment and implement the necessary cybersecurity measures to mitigate potential liability in the event of a cyberattack.
  • CONNEX Michigan

    March 3, 2022    625

    CONNEX™ Michigan is a cloud-based, industry-designed software platform that centralizes the Michigan supply chain network into a searchable scouting database and integrates with the national Manufacturers Marketplace, sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers.