• Kristen Opperman - Hemlock Semiconductor Operations LLC - 2022 MFG Emerging Leader

    December 13, 2022    669

    Kristen Opperman’s passion for being an employee advocate at Hemlock Semiconductor Operations LLC and her ability to connect with and inspire people truly make her an Emerging Leader.
  • Commemorating 120 years of Supporting and Advocating for Michigan Manufacturers

    January 12, 2023    117

    For more than a century, the manufacturing industry has propelled Michigan forward — through good times and in challenging times. A lot has changed from the introduction of the Model T or Michigan’s Arsenal of Democracy but one thing has remained steady: MMA has been the state’s unwavering advocate for the manufacturing industry for 12 decades.
  • Ransomware in Manufacturing: 8 Crucial Steps to Protect your Business

    November 3, 2022    432

    MMA Premium Associate Member InsITe explains why manufacturers are the top target for attackers and what steps you can take to protect your business from ransomware.
  • Celebrate Michigan Manufacturing at the 2022 MFG Excellence Awards

    October 7, 2022    532

    The prestigious MFG Excellence Awards brings together Michigan manufacturing leaders and supporters to celebrate an industry full of excitement, creativity and innovation. This event has sold out every year — join us Thursday, 11/10/22, to celebrate the outstanding individuals, companies and products that are pushing the industry forward.
  • Don't Become a Statistic: Protect Yourself from Check Fraud

    August 10, 2022    834

    Payment fraud is insidious. It chips away at corporate profitability, jeopardizes your reputation, consumes staff time with remediation and puts your business’ viability at risk. Learn steps to protect your business from MMA member Paymerang.
  • What is Risk Management?

    August 3, 2022    443

    Risk identification and risk management are key elements of helping a company succeed long term, financially and otherwise. If you are concerned about your company’s overall health and reputation, you must manage its risks.
  • Considering a Sale? Financial Reporting Matters

    August 3, 2022    536

    When considering the potential sale of your business, it’s important to have the right financial statements in place. Find out what priorities both buyers and sellers have in mind when reviewing financials from MMA member Clayton & McKervey.
  • Building the Case for Crisis in Industrials

    July 27, 2022    611

    Industrial and manufacturing leaders have had to get comfortable very quickly with navigating through unfamiliar territory. Protect your bottom line and push the limits of profitability by building a business case for crisis.
  • Minimum Wage/Paid Sick Leave Laws Stayed by Court of Claims

    August 1, 2022    483

    The ruling that would have increased the state’s minimum wage to $12/hour and required practically all Michigan employers to provide at least 72 hours of paid sick leave has been stayed by the Court of Claims.
  • Managing Cybersecurity Solutions and Risks with MSPs

    July 27, 2022    719

    Managing IT and cybersecurity risks takes time, money and constant diligence — things many businesses don’t have. MMA member @Rehmann shares how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can offer you a solution far less costly than the damage of a cybersecurity attack.