MetLife and MMA Support Members Throughout Pandemic

This article appeared in the March 2021 issue of MiMfg Magazine. Read the full issue and find past issues online.

Throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic, as manufacturers sought solutions for staying open and keeping their employees safe, MMA members were assured in the fact that their MetLife rates for life insurance, disability, dental and vision benefits would remain affordable.

“MMA members have been able to take advantage of exclusive rate offers from MetLife for the past 25 years. By having a large participant pool via MMA’s membership, rates for all MetLife offerings are discounted and have guaranteed rate stability,” says Larry Janicki, President of the MMA Service Corporation.

MMA stepped up for members last May and volunteered to pay half of their members’ insurance premiums for the month. MetLife also recognized the disruption that greatly affected Michigan manufacturing throughout the pandemic and decided to return 25 percent of dental premiums for two months to MMA members.

MetLife’s programs offer affordability and flexibility for large employers or small, independently owned shops. In addition, there are local customer service reps dedicated solely to MMA members. This means that MMA members who take advantage of any of MetLife’s programs can connect with a local account rep and not have to go through a call center.

Dental and Vision

Employers and employees are able to take advantage of flexible and comprehensive plans for MetLife Dental and Vision. Members get discounted rates
as soon as they enter the
program, according to Janicki. Members also have rate guarantees for dental for the first two years and a maximum 5 percent increase in the third year.

“Overall, we haven’t had a rate increase in the past four years,” says Janicki. “The members have really benefited from those zero rate increases.”

Life Insurance

Having employer-offered life insurance options may be the first time that employees think about protecting their family and loved ones through a term or whole life plan. Small business owners have the flexibility to pick the right insurance products that maximize value through their MMA membership. Consider this case study from a plan participant:

“My mother passed away when she was only 49. Despite our devastation, my brother and I were able to continue our education because she had planned ahead and bought life insurance. That’s why my husband and I decided to buy a policy after the birth of our sons. We want them to be financially secure if anything were to happen to us.”


Picking the right plans for short-term and long-term disability can be a complex and arduous task for employers. Your MMA membership offers plenty of information and direct guidance from a MetLife account representative to help navigate the system. And having those options for STD and LTD are important to employees. Consider this case study:

“I got sick soon after I returned from a trip to Brazil. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Guillain-Barré Syndrome. After a few days, I was completely paralyzed. My disability insurance was what paid me for the next eight to nine months. While it was overwhelming to have had a major medical issue, I was able to focus on my recovery without worrying about where my next paycheck was coming from.”

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