MMA Endorses Zahra and Hudson for the Michigan Supreme Court

LANSING (Oct. 18, 2022) — As Michigan manufacturers compete in the global economy, the Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) believes two candidates for the Michigan Supreme Court will instill confidence in the rule of law: Justice Brian Zahra and justice candidate Paul Hudson. Throughout Zahra’s time on the Court, he has consistently focused his opinions on the importance of upholding the law and not creating it. Similarly, Hudson has shown respect for the rule of law in each and every case he’s taken in appellate court and in every one of his legal arguments.

Michigan’s business climate depends on a Supreme Court that rules based on the law as written. Businesses need certainty and predictability to make long-term investment and create jobs. That level of confidence requires justices who will fulfill their constitutional role in the check and balance system to read the law placed in front of them and avoid legislating from the bench.

The MMA represents manufacturers across the state in the full spectrum of manufacturing industries that together constitute the largest sector of the Michigan economy, producing over $95 billion in gross domestic product and employing over 600,000 people.

All Michiganders will be served well through the re-election of Justice Brian Zahra and the election of Paul Hudson to the Michigan Supreme Court.

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