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Call to Action

Contact your Senator and the Governor today and ask them to OPPOSE the repeal of Michigan’s Right-To-Work Law.

MMA is working to block action on legislation introduced in both the House and Senate that would repeal Michigan’s landmark Right-to-Work law.

As policymakers stand at the cusp of a new era of technological transformation, Michigan must compete to attract and maintain manufacturing capital investment and jobs to capture the future of the manufacturing industry and retain the core of the state’s economy. Worker freedom to choose whether they participate in a labor union is seen as a primary consideration in site selection and Michigan must aggressively seek investment as other states work to lure away billions in investments.

Help MMA ensure Michigan’s continued economic vitality by affirming the right of individuals to work without being compelled to belong to a union. We will provide regular updates here on legislation that would move Michigan’s business climate in the wrong direction.


Make Your Voice Heard

Let the Governor know that repealing Right-to-Work is bad for Michigan.

Contact David Q. Worthams

David Q. WorthamsDirector of Employment Policy
Call 517-487-8511