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Despite the vocal opposition of MMA and Michigan’s business community, the Legislature passed and Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed into law Public Act 8 and Public Act 9 of 2023, which repeal Michigan’s landmark Right-to-Work law.

This policy change will undoubtedly reverse progress on Michigan’s economic competitiveness and the ability to grow and keep jobs.

MMA was an active and vocal opponent of the legislation as it sped through the legislature in March 2023, arguing that Michigan must compete for technologically transformational jobs and projects or risk losing them to states that choose not to interfere with employee choices.

Worker freedom to choose whether they participate in a labor union is seen as a primary consideration in site selection and Michigan must aggressively seek investment as other states work to lure away billions in investments.

This is a time for the Legislature to communicate clearly to manufacturing investors, both our existing manufacturing companies and those outside Michigan, that Michigan is open for business and we have the right skilled workforce to make their investments successful in the face of global competition. Repealing our Right-to-Work moves us in the wrong direction.


  • Public Act 9 of 2023 (Weiss) — Labor; collective bargaining; requirement for agency fee for nonunion members; allow in bargaining agreements and as condition of employer in public sector;
  • Public Act 8 of 2023 (Camilleri) — Labor; collective bargaining; collective bargaining rights; revise to restore former provisions

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