• Customized Workers’ Comp Insurance Features Safety Recommendations

    November 7, 2023    474

    While workers’ compensation insurance can help protect employers and workers, prevention and remediation are key to reducing workplace injuries in the first place. Through MMA’s partnership with the MTMIC, members receive a 3 percent discount for workers’ compensation, a dividend program, as well as numerous consultancy services and resources.
  • Sustainable Technology Creates New Solution for PFAS Reduction

    November 7, 2023    518

    4never combines the power of Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF®) technology with supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) to provide a local, scalable, closed-loop solution to remove and permanently destroy PFAS. The groundbreaking 4never technology is exclusively provided and operated by MMA’s trusted provider, Heritage-Crystal Clean.
  • Ford and UAW Reach Historic Agreement

    October 26, 2023    827

    Ford Motor Company and the UAW reached a tentative agreement 10/25/23, ending the five-week-old strike. While the agreement requires ratification by the UAW rank and file, workers are returning to work already.
  • UAW Employs New Strike Approach

    October 25, 2023    685

    Four weeks after the first wave of UAW strikes against Detroit’s Big Three automakers, UAW President Shawn Fain today announced a new phase and a new approach to their strategy.
  • UAW Abruptly Extends Strike to Ford Kentucky Truck Plant

    October 25, 2023    646

    UAW President Shawn Fain ordered 8,700 UAW members to walk off the job at Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant (heavy duty F-series trucks, Ford and Lincoln large SUVs) last night, expanding the strike against Ford, GM and Stellantis in its fourth week. The decision was abrupt, following a short early-evening meeting between UAW and Ford negotiators, and delivered with fiery rhetoric from Mr. Fain.
  • UAW Strike Wears On: Forced OEM and Supplier Layoffs Compound Impact

    October 17, 2023    765

    As the UAW’s strike against Ford, General Motors and Stellantis wears on for a fourth week, some relief was delivered today in news of progress made on negotiations. No action was taken today by UAW President Shawn Fain to escalate the scope of the strike as he has the last two weeks.
  • Webinar: Get Ready for the Going PRO Talent Fund 2024

    October 17, 2023    676

    Watch this on-demand webinar from MMA and the Going PRO Team at the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity for new details and get you ready for this year’s for Going PRO award cycle which closes 10/27/23.
  • MMA Legislative Day 2024

    September 29, 2023    753

    From pre-registration to the evening reception, MMA Legislative Day is all about networking. Save the date for the 2024 annual event in Lansing on 4/30/24 with industry advocates, legislative leaders and regulatory officials.
  • UAW Extends Strike Threatening the Strength and Vitality of our Domestic Auto Industry

    September 29, 2023    721

    The continuation and extension of the UAW’s strike negatively impacts the Big Three and the entire supply chain, with MMA members across the state already implementing layoffs as orders diminish.
  • Michigan’s Manufacturers: Fortitude in the Face of Disruption

    September 26, 2023    729

    As the United Auto Workers union extends its strike on Detroit’s Big Three automakers, I take pause to consider the gravity of the situation for our automotive sector and legacy, our state and its communities, and families whose lives and livelihoods are tied to the Michigan's economically vital automotive industry.